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Neil R. Nation, LCSW

License Number: LCS10502

Contact Information 

5230 Carroll Canyon Rd.

Suite 200

San Diego, CA 92121


Phone: (858) 232-2808

Fax: (866) 929-5829

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Achieving Balance

The most essential element to a healthy and happy life is maintaining balance. We all face life's challenges such as work stress, relationship problems, health concerns, grief and financial loss. It is essential to have a personal care plan to bring equilibrium back in our life. You may need a compassionate and skilled counselor to assist you in transforming the emotional crisis into a growth opportunity. I can help you restore your life to the health and happiness you deserve using techniques proven effective through clinical research.

Through this web site you can get to know me and my work. Enhance your counseling experience with news, resources, and advice. Here you can do your own research on an illness or medication with the aid of the web links. Insurance information and a schedule of fees are available. You can read special articles written to enhance your knowledge and boost the power of your counseling experience. Also, you can contact me via voice-mail or e-mail to address specific issues.




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